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Podcast Launch


Launching a podcast is an exciting time, but it can quickly become overwhelming trying to figure out everything you have to do to get your show out to the world.

Let’s work together to make a fantastic podcast show that your audience will want to listen to every week! We will work closely together for 6 weeks to prepare for your launch (accelerated packages are available).

What’s Included:

✔ Podcast set-up

✔ Submission of the podcast on all platforms

✔ Music selection support

✔ Podcast management Notion board

✔ Guidance on equipment, software, show format, hosting platform, and more

✔ Email, Voxer, or Zoom support

✔ Optimizing video/audio quality

✔ Compiling of your intro, outro, music, and ads (including copy and editing)

✔ Writing episode description

✔ Pull 2 clips and create audiograms


Packages start at:  $500

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