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Are you ready to start your podcast but don’t even know where to begin?

You need help getting the right equipment, setting up the tech, and managing all the things that come with having your own podcast.



This is the ultimate program for women entrepreneurs who are launching a podcast on a budget.

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  • Anyone who has a message they want to get out to the world

  • If you have always wanted to start a podcast but feel lost on where to begin

  • You want someone to walk you through step by step on how to start a podcast

  • You have some mindset issues that go with starting something new (this program handles those too)

What Do You Get?

✔ 10 week group program with 8 modules to walk you through every step of starting your podcast

✔ Biweekly Q&A calls with me to ask all your podcast questions
✔ A private Facebook group to share your ideas, network, and ask questions in between calls
✔ A podcast that your ideal clients can listen to!!

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Start Here

This is where you map out your launch and create a timeline so you will have everything you need to successfully launch your podcast. I also give you access to my Trello board so you can stay organized with your podcast.

You also get a private Facebook group that I will be in every day answering your questions so you never feel alone in this program.

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The Podcast Launch Solutions is $399 for the entire 10 week program. Payment options are available.

Image by Sean Sinclair

- Mari Vega, Doing The Work Podcast

" Jillian is such a pleasure to work with! Her ability to make our voices feel so special is so loving. Thank you for making me feel safe while I release my throat chakra baby podcast into the world! " 

-April McMurtry, Between The Moon Podcast

" Jillian was organized and offered exactly what I needed! I loved her positivity, expertise, and patience (with me!). " 

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